Anascholastic Institute


Wisdom. Knowledge. Joy.


A teacher, a missionary, and a businessman walk into a bar… Well, not really a bar. The bustling establishment in Delaware’s state capitol bills itself as a public house; playing host to birthday parties and business meetings, art classes and game nights, romantic dates and meetings between friends. The diversity of patrons allows our three protagonists to escape any particular notice as they make their way to one of the quieter rooms.

Seated around a table, the babbling brook of small talk swiftly swells into a river of conversation both deep and wide, flowing through topics of theology, literature, history, and philosophy. It is in these conversations that the Anascholastic Institute finds its beginning.

A teacher, a missionary, and a businessman… Three different people, with three different vocations, possessing three different perspectives, but with a common desire to see education flourish. They see education as becoming more and more vital to employers as the job market continues to adapt to the age of technology. They see education as a means of strengthening faith, both in finding answers to personal questions and in answering the questions of others. And they see education as a force that can unite communities, bridge divisions, and improve lives.

This common ground proves to be quite fertile soil. The Anascholastic Institute begins as a seed, a purely hypothetical idea that is put forth as a solution to a problem. That seed of an idea germinates in following conversations as the hypothetical idea begins to grow and take a more definite shape before spouting out of the earth as a brand new creation.

As origin stories go, this one is not exceptional. But the truth is that the origin means nothing in comparison to the life that follows it, and we are so excited about what that might look like for the Anascholastic Institute. The story has just begun, the ending is uncertain, and each one of us has the chance to influence where it goes!




Dedicated to Furthering Education and Scholarly Thought Within Anabaptist Communities 


  1. Hosting, coordinating, or participating in training and professional development opportunities for staff of private Christian schools that primarily serve Anabaptist communities or are operated by Anabaptist organizations.

  2. Awarding scholarships to accredited institutions of higher education for individuals dedicated to serving Anabaptist communities as educators, pastors, or missionaries either abroad or domestically.

  3. Providing college application and enrollment counseling to adult members of the Anabaptist community who are pursuing post-secondary education.

  4. Providing spiritual and academic support to members of the Anabaptist community who are involved in post-secondary education.


Board of Directors

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Nevin Bergey

This is a paragraph about Nevin. Currently Nevin's name, title, and picture are the only accurate things in this profile. 



Juris Doctor, 1997

B.A., Film & Music, 1994

Activities & Affiliations

• ABCD Bar Association, Member
• IP Law for Creatives Association, Member-at-Large
• Civil Rights Conservation, Secretary

Bar Admissions

• New York, Tennessee, California



Secretary / Vice-President

Delmar Oberholtzer

Every spring since 1996 has found Delmar Oberholtzer returning to school, first as a student, and eventually as a teacher. Mr. O, as he prefers to be called, has taught at the high school level in both public and private schools. He is currently teaching and dwelling in Dover, Delaware. Mr. O is interested in Education, Philosophy, Literature, and History, and would like to expand into Apologetics and Linguistics.



Millersville University
B.S.Ed., Mathematics, 2012

Activities & Affiliations

• American Association of Educators, Member




Ryan Yoder

Born and raised in Dover, Delaware, Ryan currently works for DNI, the mission arm of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance.  He is married and has two children.  Ryan's primary areas of study have been Apologetics, Islam, Moroccan Arabic, and Spanish. He is currently studying Business Management - Finances at Liberty University. His personal 'to-study' list includes NT Greek, German and everything else. 



Liberty University
Current Undergraduate Student

Elnora Bible Institute                       1st Term 2008;1st & 2nd Term 2009; 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term 2013                

Arabophon Language Services   330+ hours

Activities & Affiliations

  • Destinations International                                                                   

  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars

  • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society