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College Admissions Counseling

How it Works

So you're thinking about college, or some other type of school after high school. Where do you want to go? What are some good institutions? How will you pay for it? What will you do with that knowledge after you've got it? 

Fret not! The Anascholastic Institute is here to help you answer all of these questions, and more. Here's how it works:

Step 1

Contact us. We can't help you if we don't know you! Visit our contact page here. Fill out the contact form with your information, and someone from the Anascholastic Institute will contact you.

Step 2

Talk to your guidance counselor, who will contact you by email or phone. Their job is to help you make a plan, set goals, and then get you started on your college path.

Step 3

Do the paperwork. Depending on your plan, you might have to do testing, applications, essays, and more. But don't worry, your guidance counselor will still be around to answer any questions you might have!

Step 4

Do your best! After you have successfully started school, your guidance counselor will assign you to an Anascholastic Institute representative. Your rep will stay in contact with you as long as you are in school, always ready to answer any questions you might have.