Anascholastic Institute

Fool's Talk


by Os Guinness

Many people have described Fool’s Talk as the magnum opus (Latin for ‘greatest work’) of its author, Os Guinness. The pages of this book contain the fruit of decades of reading, thinking, and speaking by an agile and capable mind.

So what exactly is this book about? Fool’s Talk is largely concerned with Christian persuasion. It should be noted that there are three ways to interpret this phrase. One could interpret it to mean persuasion techniques that are Christian in nature, or persuasion carried out by Christians, or one could interpret it to mean persuasion on behalf of Christianity. This book seeks to point out the necessity of all of those definitions working together.

“Our urgent need today is to reunite evangelism and apologetics, to make sure our best arguments are directed toward winning people and not just winning arguments, and to seek to do all this in a manner that is true to the gospel itself.” (p 18)

This is a common theme that threads its way through many chapters. The evangelism of the heart needs to be combined with the apologetics of the mind. An ideal book for anyone who interacts with unbelievers.