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Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity


By C.S. Lewis

This best selling book has long been a favorite of Christians everywhere. This may be due to the book's ability to speak intellectually without losing the average person. This book is an excellent introduction to “intellectual Christianity.” C.S. Lewis' methods of thinking are fantastic.  Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, you cannot help admiring the genius in his arguments. We do not use "genius" lightly. He wonderfully reveals that the rules of the intellect are universal, and his metaphors are spot on. 



      "Oddly enough, you cannot even conclude, from my silence on disputed points, either that I think them important or that I think them unimportant. For this is itself one of the disputed points. One of the things Christians are disagreed about is the importance of their disagreements. When two Christians of different denominations start arguing, it is usually not long before one asks whether such-and-such a point 'really matters' and the other replies; 'Matter? Why, it's absolutely essential.'  - Preface, Mere Christianity