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Moody Bible Institute


Moody Bible Institute is a renowned institute located in Chicago with a satellite location in Michigan.  Moody Bible Institute is only part of what is a multi-faceted ministry that includes radio and publishing. The Institute is well known in the Mennonite world and is not viewed with any great deal of trepidation.   

Theological Issues

"Historically Moody has maintained positions that have identified it as non-charismatic, dispensational and generally Calvinistic."

Also, their eschatological positions read like something developed from the Left Behind series. Not that Mennonite doctrine contradicts this. Rather, it is the specification of a doctrine that one will not generally not find specified in Mennonite cannon. 


Student Review - Patrick Lapp

I first became interested in Moody Bible Institute upon reading the biography of D. L. Moody which was written by his son. I was amazed at the legacy that Moody left and his dedication to creating opportunities for biblical education paired with strong practical training. I researched Moody Bible Institute via their website. The program synopses caught my attention by just reading the names of the classes. I then proceeded to check their doctrinal statement. Being only slightly educated in theological terms and positions, I could only minimally appreciate the comprehensive and orthodox belief system. However, having graduated from Moody, I can say with certainty that Moody is conservative evangelical in their doctrinal leanings. Although this is true, my experience at Moody has been one of open-mindedness and reasonableness. The professors that I took classes with had a clear understanding of what beliefs are absolutely necessary in order to be called an orthodox Christian and what things have been debated in the Christian community throughout history. Therefore, a student could hold a view that might differ from the college, as long as the subject did not pertain to points such as Theology Proper, Christology, salvation by faith, etc.

            I found the community at Moody Bible Institute to be tight-knit and diverse. The diversity was essential for me as a conservative Mennonite because I had not had the privilege of having conversations with other brothers and sisters whose background and Christian experience differed from mine. This interaction gave me faces to put with different convictions and an understanding of the reasons and biblical evidence that supports their varying belief. The most amazing thing about this community is that evangelism, prayer, and discipleship occurred because we chose to focus on our unity, which is found in Christ, and not our diversity. In fact, we celebrated our diversity because it brought balance and perspective to different sides of the spectrum.

            Moody has a lot to offer when it comes to degrees as well. They are a very ministry focused college, and therefore, do have only a limited number of “practical” degrees. Therefore, their bible, intercultural, and preaching degrees are excellent for those desiring to serve in full-time ministry. However, these degrees are also wonderful for those that desire biblical understanding in order to minister at their job or aid in their local church. In fact, Dwight L. Moody first started Moody College in order to create “gap men and women” who were to be lay brothers and sisters to bridge the gap between clergy and the rest of the congregation.

            In conclusion, I would fully recommend Moody Bible Institute as an accredited institution. The Lord used my time there to transform me in a variety of different ways, and I am so grateful and blessed to have received this opportunity.