Anascholastic Institute

Future Projects

Future Projects

The Academics Forum

Curiosity and the asking of questions is a natural part of the learning process, but only if that curiosity can be assuaged or those questions answered. The Academics Forum will be an online platform that will allow adult students to seek answers from individuals who are experts in their field. Neither the questions nor answers would be publicly displayed.

If you or someone you know is well acquainted with one of the following fields, and might be interested in sharing your knowledge in this way, please let us know through our contacts form. The following topics are meant to be representative, not exhaustive: Anabaptist Culture, Apologetics, Biblical Greek, Church History, Education, Philosophy, Science, Theology, World Cultures, World History.

Missions eLibrary

The Missions eLibrary would be a lending library for electronic copies of books available free of charge to those laboring in a recognized mission field. Electronic copies have the advantage of being highly portable and cost effective when compared to traditional print books. It would be conceivable that an ebook could be checked out and read by a missionary in Liberia, be checked back in and checked out again by a missionary in Canada with no shipping costs or wait time.

While usage cost would be next to nothing, the initial cost of purchasing a device for reading ebooks might be prohibitive for some. As a result, a partner program with the Missions eLibrary would involve providing missionaries with ebook readers. 

Post-secondary Vocational Guidance Counseling

Many homeschooled and private school students have little access to college planning resources. This program would provide support for students and their parents when considering the possibility of school after high school. A guidance counselor would be available to answer questions about costs, applications, programs of study, and suitability of assorted institutions of higher education. 

An adviser would also be available to host workshops in school settings with a focus on life after school and the options available. This would include information on career and service opportunities as well as higher education.