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The Dilemma of the Mennonite PMTs

PMT means pastor, missionary, or teacher. Many of our PMT's come into their vocation without the educations necessary for those vocations. Thus, a certain phenomenon has arrived in which PMT's find themselves needing further education but being restricted by the non-lucrative nature of their job. A newly-ordained pastor will find he has a family, a job, and new responsibilities as a pastor which preclude him from being able to pay for or attend college.   A teacher at a church-school cannot responsibly incur student debt.  Similarly, a missionary's income is exaggerated by the very word income.  

AI was built upon this very discussion. Below are some ideas that, when combined, should severely decrease the PMT's obstacles to a degree.  


Lumerit (college plus) - clep tests

At $300 - $400 per credit hour, an easy three credit class is a crushing unnecessary expense.  CLEP tests are the solution. In short it's a test you can take to "test out" of a class and be awarded credit for that class. These classes cost $100 +/-.  By the math that's $1,000 in savings. 

LUMERIT  helps students coordinate CLEP tests . We at AI are not experts. Fortunately AI has volunteer Mennos with CLEP and Lumerit experience waiting to help with the initial enrollment process and answer questions you have . Contact us , tell us about your PMT status, which degree you are considering, etc. and you'll be put in touch with one of our advisers (This service is also available to non-PMT Mennonites).    


online universities 

Since most PMT's are already solidly entrenched in their first careers, they'll need to be able to study on a flexible schedule and at home. Online college courses are a perfect fit.  (further content pending) 

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Scholarship program

As PMT's face significant financial barriers to education, AI is organized to provide scholarships to qualified PMT's. (Currently, this is a 'future' endeavor.)