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Spaced Repetition System Flashcards

Quite possibly  the best thing to happen to flashcards, Anki revolutionizes the learning process. Linguists highly praise this tool but it can be used for any subject matter. The video below shows what the program looks like. With very few bells and whistles, it doesn't impress with looks, but its versatility is unmatched. 

How it works

Anki uses an algorithm to decide how long the program should wait before showing you a flash card again.  It judges this based on your previous amount of success with the flashcard.  The first time you see the card a correct answer will bring it back the next day. This one day gap will be increased to two days. If you continue to answer correctly, the time intermission will increase indefinitely. I personally limit the time to one year. 

This method cuts out all need to organize thousands of 3x5 cards. It also eliminates the need to study familiar cards when you really need to study others. Anki, based on your performance, will tailor your cards to your needs.