Anascholastic Institute

The Word of God in English


by Leland Ryken

There are recommended books and then there are 'must-read' books.  This is a must-read book. Because we are born speaking our native tongues, it is sometimes difficult to realize the assumptions that we make without realizing it. This book introduces the difference between word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation, as well as possible variables in translations, why they occur, and the author's opinion on which is best. If you haven't before studied the linguistic and translation issues of the Bible, this book will rock your world, twice. 


" Stylistically, the KJV is the greatest English Bible translation ever produced. Its style combines simplicity and majesty as the original requires, though it inclines towards the exalted. Its rhythms are matchless. ...  The best tribute to its uniqueness is that it is often parodied but never successfully paralleled. For all its excellence, the King James translation did not maintain its supremacy after the mid-twentieth century for three main reasons; Its language is now outdated, the translators' knowledge of ancient languages was less reliable than modern knowledge is, and the translation uses New testament text (the Textus Receptus) that most scholars no longer consider the most reliable."  - Loc. 536